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The SILK™ Experience 

Creating Distinctive & Memorable

Customer Experiences

Become extraordinary and harness the magic of Creating Distinctive and Memorable Customer Experiences – a key to sustaining and growing your business in turbulent times.


Performance, growth and profitability - with all of this dependent upon your customers in good times and tough times, what is more important than the experiences your customers have with you and because of you?


Memorable customer experiences create customer loyalty and value. In each and every touch with the customer, your customer facing professionals have the opportunity to engage with them in personal and memorable ways.


Creating and delivering The SILK    Experience is a challenge – Service Professionals must be catalysts, designers and performance artists all at the same time. Achieving stunning individual experiences and consistency demands skill, truly extraordinary skill.


It is for those who wish to take on and meet this challenge in every moment of opportunity that we have designed this programme.


So join us on the journey to becoming extraordinary, the magical journey of The SILK    Experience.


In this programme Service Professionals will take The SILK    Experience to becoming extraordinary and learn to harness the magic that enables them to create distinctive, positive and memorable guest experiences.


This journey begins with Signature – the service professional’s personal brand, one that when aligned with your business’ brand and values makes the service professional truly memorable.  Each service professional will develop their personal signature and learn to intentionally create the kind of positive impact that will engage your customers and delight them.


The next stop on the journey is Innovation. Service Professionals will move beyond creativity to truly learn to innovate. They will learn to look “outside the box” to create and implement novel solutions and improved ways of doing things.


The third stop on the journey is Legacy. Your Service Professionals will learn to take the best of what’s been handed to them form the past and build on it to deliver something better for the future.  They will learn to create Legacy in individual moments.  They will understand and be engaged in their broader contribution to the business, their customers and the future. They will learn to make positive choices and take responsibility for the Legacy they create. 


The next stop on The SILK    Experience journey is the Keys to Connecting.  In this part of the journey, Service Professionals will learn the skills and behaviours needed to work effectively with the diverse range of people they meet every day.  They’ll learn skills to: observe and understand others; connect and engage customers and colleagues; communicate with, motivate and influence others to build the trust and respect needed for strong relationships that add value to the customer.


And the journey will continue when Service Professionals implement their new skills and behaviours in the workplace using the support and reinforcement tools provided.  They will continue the journey to becoming truly extraordinary and creating The SILK  Experience: positive, distinctive and memorable customer experiences.







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