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Audiences today expect more than purely motivational speakers and are hungry for cutting edge content in order to get a full return on their investment of time and money. Attendees want to leave an event energised with new skills and insights that are immediately useful.


Talent Mondial offers presentations that are substantive, eye-opening, and applicable to today’s complex business environment. We can provide one speaker, or help you to design and deliver memorable meetings by assembling a themed agenda, and engaging presentations.


We customise each presentation to the client, the industry, and the event and have experience in a wide variety of venues including:

  • Keynote addresses

  • Executive briefings

  • Offsite events and meetings

  • Seminars and workshops

  • Conventions and industry conferences

  • Other special events


A selection of recent keynote presentations:



  • Innovation is a Good Idea...Implemented!

  • Riding the Waves of Change

  • Attracting Capital Inflow via Legacy Leadership


People and Culture

  • S.I.L.K.   . Leadership - Transform, Engage, Perform

  • Disruptive Markets, Decisive Leaders, Driving Growth

  • Legacy Leadership

  • Creating High Performance Global Teams – Lessons from Polo

  • Difficult Conversations Made Simpler


Customer Experience

  • How Customer Values Affect the Customer's Experience

  • SILK    . The Experience - Creating Exceptional and Memorable Customer Experiences

  • Finesse and Function – the Art and Science of Service

  • Signature Service - Lessons from the World's Best 5 Star Concierge

  • Getting Up Close and Personal with Customer’s Needs

  • Sold and Served with Personality!



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