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Anecdotes & Quotations

Our clients have seen great value in our work at both a business level and an individual level. Below you’ll find a selection of comments from individuals who have participated in our change solutions and learning and development programmes globally.



  • "This programme gave us an unconventional road map for addressing the myriad personal challenges confronting all of us in today's dynamic environment. The "Break-it Thinking" techniques are critical for anyone who wants to excel in these high-pressure Times." - USA

  • "Insightful! Inspiring! Great perspectives! A programme that will motivate people and give them usable strategies for succeeding in these exciting times." - USA

  • "… new tools to challenge our thinking and our way of doing things that may well prepare us to reach new levels of accomplishment" - USA

  • "This is a must for every CEO or potential CEO who wishes to make a lasting contribution, not only to his or her company but to society in general." - USA


People & Culture

  • "The best learning experience to date with the business."

  • "Practice what you learn in a NO risk environment. Its fantastic! I loved the work groups."

  • "A life-skill which will improve my effectiveness as a leader & a person."

  • "Memorable experience – thank you! Enjoyed meeting new colleagues & learning about their businesses."

  • "What I have learned in 3 days has been incredible!"

  • "This is going to be an incredible journey for our business."

  • "This programme should be mandatory for all managers before they take up a leadership position."

  • "Excellent programme with real benefits taken away."

  • "This the best training program I have ever attended. Keep it going please."


Customer Experience

  • This "covers every aspect of problems faced by staff at the hotel or airport and the steps taken to solve these problems." - Singapore

  • "Made me realize it’s not just the "Sorry" that matters. Instead it’s the understanding of what passenger sacrifice is and the commitment to fix the problems." - Singapore

  • "It was just great - mix of role plays, teamwork and theory." - UK

  • "I learned a great deal and am excited about implementing your ideas at work – especially the primary threads of S.I.L.K.SM. I will use the skills outlined." - USA

  • "This was pure class - I would have liked to have two days with Dorothy. She is very engaging and an amazing trainer." - UK

  • "I think that all the training will help us to do a better job at delivering service to our customers." - Germany

  • "Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to join this session. In this session, there were a lot of key concepts that I will use when I have a coaching to my team members." - Japan

  • Because the face of guest service is always changing – the innovation and creativity will make a difference. - Singapore

  • "This learning is most effective and valuable." - Hong Kong

  • "It was a lot of fun and reminded me of why I really like this job." - Switzerland

  • "Great programme - brings teams together globally" - Australia

  • "Well done! I loved this day." - Hong Kong

  • "Great workshop - fantastic experience!" - France

  • "I believe the program was fantastic. It was very informative and beneficial; it gave us insight into the guest’s mind and their way of thinking. I thoroughly enjoyed it; there was never a dull moment." - South Africa

  • "Thank you for inspiring me and all my team. Please keep teaching people to enjoy their life at their work too!!!" - Mexico


Integrated Solutions

People and Culture & Customer Experience

  • "The genesis of this came from the Customer Satisfaction surveys and the implementation of Key Account Teams. One of the conclusions that Key Account managers drew was that they needed to improve their skills because of the many different ways of doing business in a global market. There are 250 teams across the world, built around managers whose teams don’t necessarily report directly to them … there are different functional responsibilities but no one reporting directly. So sometimes there is a conflict between functional issues and customer-specific issues, and managers must find ways to make their influence felt without having any formal authority. It’s a global solution to a global challenge, and it’s about hearing the customer, understanding the need and fulfilling the issues."

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