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Your Issues

Clients have engaged us to help them address a variety of presenting business issues.  Curious?  Below is a sample of business issues for which our clients have asked for assistance. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your issues.


Innovation & Change

  • Building Comfort with Ambiguity and Uncertainty – Seeking the Hidden Opportunities

  • Creating Profound and Positive Change in our Business

  • Converting Environmental Awareness to Competitive Advantage

  • Competing and “Tilting the Field” in these Times of Rapid Change

  • Developing Executional Excellence

  • Hardwiring Innovation into Business as Usual

  • Getting the Global/Local Balance Right

  • Global Mindset – Global Execution

  • Leveraging Opportunity and mitigating threats as a result of the impact of revolutionary change in technology

  • Novel Approaches to Recruitment

  • Making the Diverse Workforce a Platform for Success Rather than a Challenge

  • Reinventing our Business

  • Responding to the development of new “job families” with the current blurring of industry lines

  • Responding to Change with Speed and Flexibility

  • Revolutionary Change – it’s Impact on Our Customers, Our Employees and Our Response

  • Successfully Navigating Change

  • Understanding and Analysing Trends – Internal and External


People & Culture

  • Building a Performance Culture

  • Building Work Teams that Succeed

  • Business Partnering and Outsourcing – Achieving Seamless Success

  • Building an Environment of Trust

  • Career Transitions

  • Creating a Common Language and Ways of Working

  • Creating a Culture of Success

  • Creating High Performance Global Teams

  • Delivering Performance through People

  • Developing Executional Excellence

  • Developing an Effective Talent Pipeline

  • Building an Effective Executive Team

  • Enhancing the Performance and Contribution of People

  • Generational Issues in the Workplace

  • Improving Behaviour and People Skills

  • Influencing within a Matrix Structure

  • Leading for Today, Building a Legacy for Tomorrow

  • Living the Brand and Values

  • Managing our Talent

  • Making Productive Disagreement Work and Minimising Destructive Conflict

  • Making the Diverse Workforce a Platform for Success Rather than a Challenge

  • Post Merger or Acquisition Culture Integration

  • Taking Strategy into Action

  • Unleashing the Potential of People


Customer Experience

  • Building High Performing Key Account Teams

  • Building a Common Sales Culture

  • Building Trusted Client Relationships

  • Changing an Order Taking Culture

  • Creating Loyalty

  • Creating Brand Ambassadors

  • Creating Distinctive and Memorable Customer Experiences

  • Developing a High Performance Service Culture

  • Developing Sales Managers as Coaches and Performance Managers

  • Giving Technically Capable People the Ability to Persuade and Influence

  • Living the Brand and Values

  • New Business Development Needs to Deliver Results

  • Retaining and Growing rather than Losing Repeat Business

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