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Leading Signature Service

Profitable business results from a consistent focus on creating lasting value - for employees, customers, and shareholders. Leaders need to guide the business to move from strategy to organisational flexibility to profitable execution. One of the greatest challenges leaders face is in creating that Signature culture that drives customer loyalty to create lasting value.  For leaders, the move from strategy to execution in service is a challenging one.


That’s why Talent Mondial has developed Leading Signature Service. An unwavering focus on customers is essential to creating and sustaining a high-performing service culture, one that delivers customer loyalty.  This programme provides anyone who must lead and manage service delivery with: the information and skills required, a common language and set of principles associated with the implementation and execution of Signature Service.


Leading Signature Service is for leaders and managers who want to develop a Signature Service culture and achieve high levels of employee and customer engagement and loyalty.  These include leaders and managers responsible for service delivery, customer focus, customer retention, service quality and service strategy.


Service Leaders learn:

Service Leaders learn to fulfil their role as catalyst, facilitator, and mentor in creating and supporting environments that make it possible for the organisation to successfully implement its Strategic Service Vision.


The Three Dimensions of Signature Service - Purpose, Delivery, and Retention 

Purpose: Customercentric

This dimension refers to the most fundamental purpose of a business:  to embrace and meet the needs of customers.  The Purpose dimension incorporates all aspects of thoroughly understanding customers in terms of their importance and value, their needs and expectations, and their motives and behaviours.  Customercentric means equating one's business with one's customers.


Delivery: Process Improvement

This dimension refers to the policies, procedures, and processes that a business uses to support its purpose of serving customers.  The Delivery dimension addresses the need to carefully design, develop, and implement these processes, and also to continually monitor and improve them.


Retention: Customer Loyalty

This dimension refers to the need to select, train, and satisfy employees who will effectively implement the processes to delight their customers and create memorable and distinctive customer experiences.  To satisfy employees, leaders must empower and equip them to understand and achieve their business purpose.  Employee performance, retention, and satisfaction are natural outcomes of valuing employees as customers, the ultimate benefit of which is customer loyalty and increased profitability.


What’s In It For You:

  • Your people will become more effective in implementing your service strategy, achieve higher productivity and greater satisfaction

  • Your customers will see improved consistency, responsiveness and reliability in the entire service chain and will have improved experiences of your brand and your people

  • Your organisation will achieve: improved service delivery; increased understanding of customer needs and wants, increased efficiency and cost saving in delivery; faster solutions to customer problems and concerns; an  improved ability to make decisions in line with the organisation’s service vision and philosophy, higher customer retention; better customer relationships, enhanced customer loyalty


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