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Foundations for Sales Success

Creating commitment in the customer interaction - making every call count: face-to-face and voice-to-voice. Help your less experienced sellers become true Sales Professionals and become productive and effective immediately.


Give your Sales Professionals the skills to influence and persuade. Help them gain the confidence and competence to present products and services effectively. Provide them with the tools to handle and overcome customer objections. Give them the power to gain customer commitment and close sales time and again.


Talent Mondial has over 25 years experience in helping organisations across industries create value. From global key account teams and managers through inexperienced Sales Professionals, we help your sales force create strong relationships, deliver valued results to your customers and generate predictable and profitable sales.


Foundations for Sales Success is a development workshop that will give your Sales Professionals the skills they need to achieve sales results, immediately.


Sales Professionals will learn:

  • Core skills to communicate effectively with all kinds of customers

  • Powerful questioning and listening skills to uncover needs and wants

  • Skills to help the customer understand "what's in it for them" to buy a product or service - in terms of both the product need and the human need, and skills to prove why

  • To gain customer commitment and to close

  • A process for effective sales conversations called the Insight for Sales Success Model

  • To handle objections

  • How to get a conversation back on track when it has gone off track.


How the learning happens:

This programme consists of a core two-day workshop with follow-on modules that can be chosen to meet the needs of your Sales Professionals and your organisation. Your options include:

  • A two-day consecutive workshop

  • A choice of follow-on modules to meet your specific needs

  • Blended learning options are also available


You can choose to use our consultants in training the programmes or certificate your own internal resources through our Train-the-Trainer programme.


What's In It For You:

  • Your Sales Professionals will gain practical skills to sell value; improve sales performance and results; become differentiators in the service and product offering; and become a trusted advisor in delivering value to your customers

  • Your customers will have Sales Professionals who understand their needs, their challenges and opportunities; knowledgeable Sales Professionals who help them identify solutions to meet their particular needs; and a credible resource they can trust

  • Your company will see increased sales results through increased business; improved customer loyalty; and a common language and approach across the sales force



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