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Delivering Signature Service

Giving Service Teams the power to enhance the customer experience, build loyalty and make the difference


In today’s turbulent times building customer loyalty is paramount. It is equally important to create innovative ways to stay engaged and build value with those who represent your emerging loyal customers.  Why loyalty? Loyal customers spend more and have a longer relationship with your business. Research shows that how your customers feel – their perceived experience – determines their loyalty. This is the key to your performance, competitive advantage and profitable growth.


Delivering the customer experience falls in large part to Service Professionals and their Team Leaders - those with frequent opportunities to engage and serve the customer.


Service Professionals and Team Leaders need to perform on multiple levels simultaneously. They must balance their organisation’s systems and processes with the delivery of the service or product; balance the internal boundaries of their own organisation with the customer’s ever changing needs and expectations; and apply the appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviours, to deliver a differentiating and memorable customer experience – Signature Service.


Quality service delivery and positive customer experiences shouldn’t be “hit or miss”.  Service Professionals and Team Leaders need the practice and training which this programme provides, to capitalise on every moment of opportunity through the delivery of consistent Signature Service.


Talent Mondial’s programme, Delivering Signature Service, gives your Service Professionals and Team Leaders the skills to capture service opportunities, create quality service delivery and build customer loyalty. They will learn how to continually monitor, understand and respond to the changing customer needs “on stage”, while working “behind the scenes” with their internal partners.  Delivering Signature Service provides a dynamic skillset that your people can use to continuously innovate and respond to meet the challenges of today’s changing world.


Service Professionals and Team Leaders will develop:



  • Gain a clear understanding of the Three Keys of Delivering Signature Service

  • Understand how the brand signature, the organisation’s service vision and their personal signature impact Delivering Signature Service

  • Learn to use a dynamic customer experience measurement framework and tool to: understand how customers view their experience at any given point in time; identify opportunities to add value; identify gaps in performance; track and monitor their own enhancements, improvements and performance


Action Skills

  • How to identify each individual’s personal needs in addition to their business needs, whether expressed or unexpressed

  • A method for understanding each customer so they can respond in the way that best reflects the experience that individual customer wishes to have

  • ‘People skills’ to engage with customers, both internal and external, and build collaborative relationships

  • What a ‘Moment of Opportunity’ is in a customer interaction and how to capture these moments and leverage the opportunities presented

  • Skills to spot and take opportunities to expand the services and products used by customers

  • Ways to flex and adapt their own style or strategy to overcome any communication barriers

  • Tools to monitor the customer’s experience, ongoing and in real-time

  • Skills and tools to seamlessly deliver on their promises and to continuously improve service quality

  • The skills to recover effectively when things go wrong

  • How to take responsibility to find solutions and build trust

  • The skills and behaviours to deepen customer loyalty


Team Leaders will also learn:

  • To become catalysts for continuous improvement

  • To focus and guide the team’s performance in Delivering Signature Service

  • Coaching skills to build on and sustain this performance

  • Skills to actively co-lead learning modules within their teams


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