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Creating Signature Cutomer Experiences

Capture the Opportunity in every customer interaction!


When your customers think of your company, you want them to have the kind of memories that make them want to tell everyone about it – positive and distinctive memories. You want them to remember your Signature Service – the kind of service that generates repeat business and loyalty.  Your Service Professionals can be your most important differentiator.


You know that positive memorable customer experiences create customer loyalty and value.  And your Service Professionals have the opportunity to create these In each and every touch with the customer.  They have the opportunity to engage with your customers in personal and memorable ways.


Your Service Professionals can generate loyalty through every aspect of the customer experience so that your customers become dedicated brand ambassadors for your company. 


Delivering these Signature customer experiences repeatedly over time, conveying the integrity of your company and brand, and building the trust that is critical to long term customer relationships, is key to your success.

What a challenge! Meet that challenge.  Give your people the skills they need to deliver these experiences in each individual interaction, every day – turning each promise into the Experience that delivers value to each individual customer and to your business.


That's what Creating Signature Customer Experiences will do.  Your Service Professionals take responsibility to solve problems early and tailor individual experiences that live long after the business transaction has taken place.


Service Professionals will learn:

  • The value and importance of their role in delivering a Signature customer experience.

  • The kinds of experiences customers want and the challenges associated with delivering on them.

  • That "sales" is "not a dirty word" and is a natural part of solving customer problems and meeting their expectations.

  • To identify the different kinds of customer behaviours and learn how to overcome the challenges associated with each.

  • To display care, concern and courtesy appropriately with the variety of guests and colleagues they interact with every day.

  • To take responsibility to solve problems early rather than allowing them to snowball.

  • To capture the Opportunities presented in each guest interaction so they can turn them into memorable experiences.

What's In It For You:

  • Your people will gain the confidence to interact with different kinds of customers; generate creative ways to deliver exceptional customer experiences; be skilled at influencing the customer's brand loyalty; be more satisfied and engaged; believe that they can have a positive impact on customer loyalty and contribute more effectively to the organisation's success

  • Your customers will value their experience of your service culture and be drawn to the exceptional service quality; observe your people personalising each interaction to meet their needs; experience an intangible desire to experience your brand and your people time and time again

  • Your organisation will achieve improved service delivery; more effective solutions to customer problems and concerns; more predictability and consistency in service and interactions at the point of customer contact; increased employee engagement and therefore better customer relationships; and, higher customer retention through deeper customer loyalty


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