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Enabling Success

Performance Management to Build and Sustain Success

Get your people on the cycle of success


Most people really want to succeed. And, success breeds success. So set up a cycle of success for your people.


Performance management is more than just an annual appraisal. It is an ongoing process that helps you to align an individual's contribution with the broader team, department and organisational goals and strategy. Effective performance management will help you to engage your staff, challenge them and keep their energy focused on achieving results. Performance management that works is key to developing your talent pool and your pipeline of people who are ready to take on new challenges and increase their contribution to the team and organisation.


Talent Mondial's Enabling Success programme will give your people managers the skills to effectively manage performance throughout the year and reduce the headaches associated with the annual review.


Delegates will learn to:

  • Use a full yearly performance cycle that includes setting performance expectations, informal performance reviews, and formal performance review and appraisal

  • Establish a way of working in which individuals and groups take responsibility for the continuous improvement of business processes and of their own skills and contributions

  • Apply discipline to successful execution

  • Align individual and team efforts to the broader strategic direction and business objectives

  • Set clear jointly agreed performance expectations

  • Observe ongoing performance using the data points available to them

  • Use measurement tools for identifying strengths and performance gaps that impact results

  • Give clear feedback to keep performance on track

  • Monitor and track results

  • Engage all staff in making an effective contribution

  • Monitor both an individual's performance and potential contribution

  • Hold effective performance review meetings

  • Hold effective annual appraisal meetings


How the learning happens:

This workshop-based programme consists of three core modules that can be delivered flexibly to meet the needs of your business. Your options include:

  • A one-day workshop, or

  • Three half-day modules


Additional Options:

  • A one-day workshop is available for the direct reports to: prepare them to take responsibility for their own performance, help them understand the performance management process, and give them skills to play their role in the performance process

  • The programme can be tailored to your performance management system and linked to a Balanced Scorecard or other approach


You can choose to use our consultants in training the programmes or certificate your own internal resources through our Train-the-Trainer programme.


What's In It For You:

  • Your people will be able to strategically and effectively manage performance throughout the year while saving time and achieving greater success.

  • Your organisation will achieve better alignment of individual contribution, with goals and strategy, reducing wasted time and missed opportunities; build talent to capitalise on future opportunities and meet challenges; achieve better contribution from all staff to deliver higher performance and results; build in the continuous development of individuals and teams to meet the needs of greater business performance; and build flexibility and agility into the business to change objectives and performance-focus if needed



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