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Aligning Leaders in a Results-Oriented Culture

UK Insurer Takes Leadership Values Into Action

Friends Provident:  Friends Life was moving to a PLC from a more traditional “Friendly Society” and faced new demands placed on it by shareholders and the changing business landscape. To meet these challenges the business needed leaders who could adapt to the new environment, change to deliver results and be fully committed to doing so. 


The consultants from Talent Mondial were selected to develop a corporate wide process to deliver new and existing leaders within business aligned strongly to the culture, and provide appropriate tools by which executive level staff can be assessed and developed. Our team created a pathway with three main components: coaching, 360° survey feedback, and development workshops. The 360 Survey was repeated yearly over the next 3 years to enable leaders to identify changes and integrate their feedback into further development.


Following the success of the development program our team was asked to design programmes for lower levels of management to deliver similar skills and broaden the application of the “Leadership Values into Action” across the business.

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