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Cultural Transformation Underpins Business Turnaround

For this Australian Retailer a Shift in Leadership Culture, Behaviour and Capability was One Key to a Success

Coles: The transformation of Coles (large food and beverage retailer in Australia) following its acquisition by Wesfarmers required a shift in leadership culture and capability. At the request of the Managing Director, Talent Mondial designed and delivered a series of multi-day leadership development workshops between June 2010 and 2014. These workshops were built on the successful work Talent Mondial had completed for ASDA Stores in the UK.  Core to the workshops was Psychological Associates Dimensional Model of Behaviour and the learning focused to Leadership & Coaching with a particular focus to employee engagement and motivation. Commencing with the Board of Directors and extending through to Regional Managers and Store Managers, the programme has been experienced by more than 1200 Coles leaders. The programme is acknowledged as a key contributor to a successful transformation of culture and having enabling a higher performing business.


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