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Exceptional leaders know how to identify and capture key moments of opportunity to achieve performance now and build a legacy for the future.

S.I.L.K.   Leadership helps effective leaders become exceptional leaders – leaders who can:

  • Flex and adapt to the changing business landscape,

  • Achieve strategic advantage through their people and

  • Deliver meaningful change and performance in good times and bad.


What is different about S.I.L.K.   Leadership?

S.I.L.K.   Leadership brings together four key elements into one development experience.  It is immediately beneficial to an individual’s performance and stimulating and memorable for the learner.  Organisations like S.I.L.K.   Leadership because the combined skills and knowledge give a greater return on their investment and because it creates engaged and motivated learners. The four key elements are:

S – Signature is the leader’s own distinctive and memorable personal brand. Leaders gain awareness about what it is and then begin to intentionally develop their Signature and align it to the organisations Leadership Signature to achieve positive impact.

I – Innovation. Leaders learn to challenge conventional wisdom to create novel solutions, develop new ways of doing things and implement them. And they will learn to foster and support innovation in the workplace.

L – Legacy.  Leaders gain awareness of the legacy they and the organisation have inherited and learn to build positive future legacy for themselves and the organisation. They learn to shift their focus and develop 20/20 vision – look 20 minutes and 20 months ahead simultaneously and take current and past lessons to create something better and sustainable for the future.

K – Keys to Connecting.  Leaders gain awareness of how they currently connect, engage, motivate and influence others and learn skills to build strong partnerships that will help them and their people achieve exceptional results.

S.I.L.K.    Leadership is a development programme – a journey of personal change and transformation that results in positive change and transformation for the organisation.








S.I.L.K.™ Leadership

Transform, Engage, Perform

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