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Managing, Inspiring & Delivering Through People

Your managers are the vital link in delivering value, executing your strategy, generating the commitment and will to perform, and keeping the focus on results. When you need to deliver, to change, to innovate – your managers are the people who will make the difference between making things happen and delivering success and unfocused action that results in lost opportunity.


Your managers are in constant day-to-day contact with your people. They are responsible for managing both the capacity and the capability to perform. These managers: set the tone; communicate the priorities; motivate people to perform; build teams to deliver and cascade the vital messages that determine how your products and services reach your customers. If your business wants to deliver value and results, your managers will make it happen. They are vital to the effective execution of your strategy.


Our management development programme, "Managing, Inspiring and Delivering", is designed to give your managers practical and effective skills to succeed and fulfil their vital role in your organisation.


Delegates will learn how to:

  • Align people’s efforts with the strategy

  • Solve problems where they occur and without "delegating upstairs"

  • Support the success of others through feedback

  • Seek feedback to continuously improve

  • Engage the efforts of others

  • Sustain the will to perform

  • Deal effectively with different people differently

  • Minimise unproductive conflict while maximising the debate and discussion that lead to innovation

  • Coach performance

  • Create open dialogue

  • Communicate with clarity and focus

  • Maximise the power of email and avoid traps since "email is not dialogue"

  • Influence others within the organisation to ensure the team’s success

  • Delegate appropriate authority and responsibility

  • Focus effort and energy on results

  • Adapt and flex to meet changing needs

  • Act with integrity

  • Achieve extraordinary results through people



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