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Legacy Leadership

Build capacity to lead your company through uncertain times


Legacy Leaders meet the challenges of uncertain times. They move strategy into organisational flexibility to profitable execution. In short the Legacy Leader takes strategy into action. They collaborate and influence across boundaries within the company – upwards, with peers and with those who report to them, building trust and engaging the efforts of others to deliver sustainable performance.


Legacy Leaders

  • Create and communicate vision

  • Build on the best of what they inherit and reinvent the future

  • Build trust and display unwavering integrity and humility

  • Align people’s contribution with the organisation and its values

  • Balance a focus on results with a concern for people

  • Utilise and develop the strengths of the organisation's people

  • Focus on creating lasting value for employees, customers and shareholders

  • Build a flexible organisation to meet current challenges and deliver results and performance

  • Strive to create sustainable performance to leave a positive legacy for others to build on in the future


Talent Mondial has created Legacy Leadership to help leaders develop the skills and behaviours they need to meet today’s challenges.


Leaders will learn to:


Role Model. Match actions to intentions and deeds to words. They participate ‘hands on’ and are always “on duty”.



Unleash the capability in others. Build and sustain the will to perform, gain commitment and buy-in to delivering the required results and help others understand how they can contribute.



Focus on finding opportunities and creating new solutions to meet the real challenges of today. Help others find new ways to do old things and new things that “fit” in the organisation.



  • Use powerful questioning and listening. Questioning and listening are at the heart of the capability to identify key opportunities and mobilise resources to action, they are a critical skill to be mastered

  • Use feedback to build on and leverage the strengths of people and redirect unproductive processes and behaviours

  • Hold productive conversations



Negotiate resources and equip others to challenge, ask the right questions, and make the right choices. Manage unproductive conflict characterised by infighting and politics



Inspire others, let all stakeholders understand that the leader knows and cares. Encourage the head, heart and soul.


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