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Kenneth Lewis

Kenneth has a consistent ability to create excitement with the clients he works with and within every coaching assignment or training programme. He has a passion to help people move forward and make a distinct difference in their lives. He is an expert in creating transferable learning strategies for organizations that are keen to increase productivity, interpersonal connect and performance.


Kenneth was born in Mumbai, India and for over 13 years he has worked and consulted for corporations in the Telecom, Financial and Media sectors in India and Australia. His customer focus approach guarantees that he first understands the learning need and then sets to design the suitable developmental solutions.


While partnering with senior leadership at organisations, Kenneth’s acumen has helped organisations realise and believe in cutting edge learning strategies, skills and techniques to improve performance. He has always leveraged on his creative ability to design unique developmental interventions.


By using an energised and facilitative approach within the training space Kenneth has enabled participants and clients to feel empowered and expanded. By contextualising training to the client’s reality has helped them to buy-in to the skills, behaviours and new knowledge they require. Through incorporation of ISD standards, business awareness, learning style theories, pedagogical methods, multiple intelligence facets and flexible learning designs; the participants walk out with many “aha” moments that are sure to change their way of working for the better.


Through a consultative-partner approach, Kenneth has many a times given post training support to participants who proactively connect for self-development and advice through coaching. Also through predetermined post training evaluation activities, Kenneth has helped organisations explore the impact on the third and fourth levels as well.


As a consultant, Kenneth has worked with companies across Industries such as Viacom 18, Unilever, UTV, Future Group, LanXess, Merck Pharma, Evotec, Credit Suisse, Kotak Mahindra Bank, PricewaterhouseCoopers, J.P. Morgan, JLT-Paternoster, Edelweiss.

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