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Difficult Conversations Made Easier

Sometimes the most important conversations in business are the most uncomfortable


We all find that some of our most important issues and objectives mean that we need to find a way to have a difficult conversation. Often we avoid these or walk away knowing that the conversation didn’t go well. We found ourselves in a heated disagreement or walked away with something less than commitment. Maybe we didn’t front into the real problem. Sometimes we even feel we need to rebuild bridges. This programme is designed to help anyone who wants to make these difficult conversations easier.


Delegates will learn how to:

  • Plan for these important conversations

  • Approach different people differently and appropriately to give the conversation its best chance of success

  • Set the scene and engage someone in a focused conversation

  • Use powerful questioning and listening techniques to open up the dialogue, keep the other person engaged, identify and understand both aspects of any conversation – the issue and the emotional reaction

  • Show the value that is in the conversation for the other person and how to put your points and views across in a non-threatening and clear fashion

  • Manage both the reaction and the challenges you get from another person during the conversation

  • End the conversation with clarity and a mutual understanding of next steps and commitments



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