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Kathy Li

Kathy is based in Beijing and a partner of Talent Mondial.

Kathy leads consulting projects based on clients requirement with a core focus on the HR field, including competency models, internal coaching systems, employee training systems, talent selection process, etc.

Kathy is also a skilled facilitator of Leadership training and programmes including coaching, performance management, communication, targeted selection (behaviour based interview) and action learning. 

Kathy’s representative clients include: Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Service Co. Ltd.; Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank; General Administration of Customs People's Republic of China. 

Prior to her work as an external consultant, Kathy held the position of - HR Director of Organisation Development for Cummins (China) Co. Ltd. Her major responsibilities included employee training, leadership development, performance management, succession planning, employee engagement etc. Kathy Li joined Cummins HR department in 2001. During the 15 years in Cummins, she was responsible for country recruiting, employee training, diversity, global recruiting functional excellence, leadership development and organisation development. During 2010 – 2012, Kathy worked in Cummins US corporate office on global recruiting and leadership development.  Kathy has a solid theoretical foundation and rich experience in talent management’s four dimensions  “Select, Train, Develop and Retain”

Kathy graduated from Beijing Normal University in 1996. She holds an bachelor degree of English literature. Kathy also has several certifications from  the leading HR consulting firms like DDI, PDI, Achieve Global, Psychological Associates. She is also a certified Green Belt in Cummins. Prior joining Cummins, Kathy works for Jing Guang New World Hotel, Siemens (China). Co.Ltd.

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